Dear friends and readers,
Welcome to the third issue of our journal. You will see that this issue contains not only the local but foreign authors have sought for their works being published in this issue. This is a good indicator for the attractiveness of this journal. We welcome more voices from outside to this journal in order to learn more from differences.
Beyond the traditional work of public health namely “Knowledge about HIV/AIDS among health workers at three provinces in Northern Vietnam: Across-sectional study”; “Barriers to the rabies prevention program in Phu Tho province” or “Bypassing primary care in Sri-Lanka: A comparative study on reasons and satisfaction” etc. We might see in this issue several works on a challenging health problem named Aging population. This is increasingly important for not only Vietnamese but also others in the world including both developing and developed countries. Looking further at these articles, one might see that problems raised regarding settings are similar in some nations, so we might have a great opportunity to learn from each other.
Two reviewed documents namely: “Developing a program logic for Neonatal Incubator use in Vietnam” and ”Impacts of smoke free implementation-to do or not to do” have showed us strong advocacy messages for prevention approaches in two different problems, and both need a continuation.
We are so pleased to introduce this issue of our journal to you.
Le Vu Anh

Table of Contents


Ngoc Bich Nguyen
Rachael Purcell, Joanne Durham, Mark Griffin

Original Research

Diem Khanh Vuong Doan, Thang Van Vo, Dung Ho, Thang Binh Tran, Tuyen Dinh Hoang, Hue Dinh Hoang, Duong Dinh Le
Diem Khanh Vuong Doan, Michael P Dunne, Thang Van Vo, Thang Binh Tran
Ha Nguyen Pham, Huy Van Nguyen, Giang Minh Le, Nhu To Nguyen, Minh Van Hoang, Anna Ekeus Thorson
Quy Minh Tran, Heather Yeatman, V Flood, Chuong NC, Tuan BV
Thanh Thuy Thi Nguyen, Hien Thi Ho
SK Perera, MC Weerasinghe