Dear friends and readers,

We are delighted to introduce to you the second issue of our English version. This second issue contains most articles that have been authored by Vietnamese scientists, especially who are working at Hanoi School of Public Health. However, there were two accepted articles authored by Indian and American authors. In this issue, a wide range of problems have been seen from methodology issue in “A time to mourn: culture considerations and community preferences for verbal autopsy in Vietnam” to issues in healthcare system in “Economic burden of tuberculosis treatment from health care provider perspective in Vietnam” in articles from Vietnamese authors. Or from ”Assessment of health status across different types of migrant populations in Hanoi-Vietnam” to “Sex with Female Sex Workers and HIV risk among population of males aged 15-49.” These complex topics highlighted the challenges that the health care sector is faced with and methodology that researchers would keep in mind in designing good and reliable researches.
For the two articles written by international authors to be accepted, we would like those to provide you with some information on public health problems that other countries are facing and how have they been addressed in other contexts for example, in the article name: ”vulnerable road use in India: an Assessment of road traffic accidents, injuries and deaths.” The other article named “Genetically modified agriculture: Part of the problems or part of the solution?” helped readers to see problems under different perspectives and scopes. The articles from foreign scientists will somehow guide us and help us learn and gradually develop our skills and confidence in writing our papers in English for internationally sharing purposes.
There is a slight change in the editorial board. Instead of having only one assistant to the editor in chief, we have decided to have a list of four experts specializing in different fields. This change we believe will bring a higher quality to our products and to you, readers.

We are pleased to introduce this issue of our journal to you, the audience!
Le Vu Anh

Table of Contents

Original Research

CE Brolan, C Rao, HT Nguyen, Chi QT Nguyen, Ha TH Le, Z Dawkins, PS Hill, AD Ngo
Anh Thi Kim Le, Lan Thi Hoang Vu, Esther Schelling
Bornali Dutta, C Chandrashekhar
Lan TH Vu, Linh C Le
Anh Quynh Nguyen, Ha Thu Nguyen, Linh Ngoc Bui, Huong Thi Giang Tran


Trude Bennett