Dear respectful readers and colleagues,
Welcome to our 2nd issue of volume 3!

Many readers have expressed their interest in our journal as our first issue of this volume was published. In the issue, we have presented many topics varying from HIV/AIDS subject, rabies prevention to aging population. Many other subjects are intriguing and in our second issue, we will continue to explore them.

In this edition, a series of reproductive health and sexuality studies in Vietnam and a study from China focusing on unbalanced gender sex ratio at birth have been presented. These studies have provocatively suggested us to think about comparison of causes behind these figures. Interestingly, one qualitative study from Vietnam mentioned the cultural belief as the “Triple Teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism”- All three theories rooted in Chinese culture. The findings showed that there is a strong relationship between these theories and the youth’s sexual practices in Vietnamese Australian youth. Although the “triple teaching” education is not available, even by names, in any basic educational curriculum in Vietnam or Australia, these theories might be available in somewhat called traditional, in house education and they might be showing up directly in daily life of these youth’s parents. If this were the case, providing training for these parents might be a solution, especially when there exists Stoicism and belief in fate, and respecting males more than females still is strongly and widely accepted!
In order to do these, it would need a comprehensive approach, with more systematic training and a clear figure of a civilization.

It is our honor to share these with our readers and colleagues.
Le Vu Anh

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Nguyen Thi Vinh, Pham Cong Tuan

Original Research

Le Minh Thi, Bui Thi Thu Ha, Dinh Thi Phuong Hoa
Doan Thi Thuy Duong
Li Tang, LQ Qiu, KKW Yau, YV Hui, CW Binns, AH Lee
Anh Thi Kim Le, Hoang Lan Vu, Esther Schelling
Ho Thi Hien, Zarah Rahman, Jacqueline Rudolph, Lisa Maher