Clinical characteristics of the respiratory symptoms of coal mine workers from Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company - VINACOMIN

Khuong Van Duy, Le Quang Chung, Khuong Thi Bich Phuong, Phuong Khuong Thuy


Objective: To describe respiratory symptoms of coal mine workers from Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin in 2019.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out among 757 coal mine workers from Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin. Face-to-face interviews were performed using modified standardized questionnaires to elicit information on occupational history, demographics, smoking habits, and respiratory symptoms. 

Results: Workers of Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin had dust exposure, with arithmetic mean of 6.4 mg/m3 for current respiratory dust, and had many chronic symptoms such as breathlessness (14.0%), cough (53.6%), 2 weeks for period of the cough (63.8%), 2 months for the cough in one year (65.3%), 2 consecutive years with cough (70.2%) and ≤ 200ml of cough with sputum production per day (97.8%).

Conclusion: Prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms of coal mine workers in Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin was at a high level. The coal mine workers had a high risk of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis, therefore, leaders of Tay Nam Da Mai Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin need to raise awareness among policy-makers, workers and employers in the coal mining industry. It is also useful in setting priorities for prevention strategies. 


coal mine worker, respiratory symptom, breathlessness, cough, chest pain

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