Knowledge and practice of farmers in using livestock waste in Ha Nam province for biogas generation in 2015

Toan Quoc Luu, Huong Mai Nguyen, Hung Viet Nguyen


The objective of the study was to assess farmer’s knowledge and practices in the use of biogas generation to treat livestock waste. We conducted a study of 442 farmers who have biogas plants in their households in Hoang Tay and Chuyen Ngoai commune, Kim Bang Hanam province in 2015. The study results show that farmer’s knowledge and practices of using biogas was limited. In particular, properly knowledge of farmers about biogas operation, and safety of using biogas were 1.0 – 33.1%, and 16.4 – 72.9%, respectively. Proper practice of the farmers about observation of waste input loading, and observation of output biogas wastewater were 6.8 - 35.6%, and 20.1 - 36.3%, respectively. Our fi ndings suggested that appropriate education and communication programs are needed to improve the knowledge and practices of farmers of biogas operation at household level.


knowledge; practice; biogas; Hanam; Vietnam

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