Survey on some risk factors leading to avian influenza outbreaks in the period 2011-2015 and assessment of the immunication after the prevention of poultry raised in Binh Dinh province

Hoa Xuan Nguyen, Ai Quyen Ton Nu, Ky Hong Pham


This study was carried out on poultry raised in An Nhon Town, Tay Son and Hoai Nhon Districts, Binh Dinh Province. Through epidemiological investigation, results of evaluating risk factors that could lead to avian infl uenzaoutbreaks in the province of Binh Dinh were sorted from high to low as follows: First, poultry were not vaccinated against avian infl uenza; Second, disinfectant chemicals were not used; Third, poultry were not caged; and fourth, leftovers were used as food for poultry. Results of evaluating the immune response after vaccination for poultry showed that both breeding methods, caged breeding and backyard breeding, have reached the same rate of protection after vaccination, that was 88.3% (159/180 samples). For duck, rate of protected
serum samples after vaccination reached 89.4% (162/180). Whereas, the un-vaccinated poultry of control experiment had natural protection rate of 4.4% (4/90 samples). Protection percentage of poultry after vaccinating with N AVET-VIFLUVAC NIBRG-14 was 89.6%, higher than with vaccine H5N1Re-6, which was 87.4% (P> 0.05).


Avian infl uenza; vaccine H5N1Re-6; vaccine NAVET-VIFLUVAC NIBRG-14; risk factors


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