Costs - benefits of Vietnam family planning program for the period 2008-2013: An application of IMPACT-2

Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Do Ngoc Tan, Nguyen Thanh Tung


The costs and benefits of Vietnam Population and Family planning program for 2008-2013 period applied IMPACT-2 methodology to calculate health benefits and cost effectiveness. On average, annually in Vietnam there were 2.6 million pregnancies, 1.55 million live births, and 480 thousand abortions. Each year, the family planning program provided and delivered services for 11.2 million couples, of which 4.7 million women were new users. On calculation, the contraceptive use averted 4.3 million pregnancies probably leading estimatedly to 2.8 million live births, 897 thousand abortions and 1,600 maternal deaths. The aversion of women’s morbidity and disability burden was 103 thousand DALYs, equivalent to 1/2 the burden of women’s diabetes, 3/4 of tuberculosis. In general, Vietnam spent on average 570 billion VND on family planning services each year, which in return, saved 1,200 billion VND from maternal and child healthcare budget.


family planning; costs and benefits; cost effectiveness; contraceptives; pregnancies; DALY

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