Simulated Systems of Family Based Health Insurance in Vietnam: Impact on Health Insurance Coverage, Necessary Government Investment and Revenues of Vietnam Social Security

Giang Bao Kim, Phuong Kim Nguyen, Minh Van Hoang, Ke Xu


Introduction: Health insurance is a key and effective measure to achieve universal health coverage. Vietnam aimed to achieve universal health insurance coverage in 2014, however, about 70% of population were covered in 2013. Family enrolment is effective to increase coverage in several countries. This study aimed to assess the impact of simulated systems of family enrolment to overall health insurance coverage, changes in government investment and revenues of Vietnam Social Security. Methods: Three simulated systems of health insurance were introduced. Available national data sets including Vietnam Living Standard Survey, Labor survey were used to estimate number of persons in each health insurance category. Results: Different levels of coverage, revenue of VSS and government contribution were found for each specific system. Family enrolment would help to increase the coverage of health insurance. If the premium was not changed, the increase in coverage would reduce VSS revenue or require more investment from the Government. Conclusion: Family enrolment would be effective measure to achieve universal health insurance coverage in Vietnam and discussion among stakeholders is needed to decide the most appropriate system.


Family based health insurance; simulated system; coverage; revenue from health insurance; government investment to health insurance; Vietnam

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