Status and causes of psychological violence against general medicine students at hanoi medical university during clinical practice

Pham Do Khanh Phuong, Pham Hong Ha, Vu Duc Vinh, Pham Manh Hung, Phan Thanh Hai, Tran Tho Nhi


DOI: 10.53522/ytcc.vol9.03

Submitted date: 29 Mar 2023

Accepted date: 26 Dec 2023

Background: Psychological violence is a serious health issue, especially for medical students in clinical practice. This study aimed to describe the prevalence and causes of psychological violence against medical students at Hanoi Medical University. 

Method: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study, qualitative and quantitative combined.

Results: Over one-third of surveyed students (113, 35.31%) witnessed and/or experienced psychological violence, and nearly one-fifth experienced at least one violent incident (61,19.06%). Medical staff were the most common perpetrators. Up to nearly ninety percent of students who witnessed and/or experienced didn’t report the incidents for a variety of reasons. The main reasons for psychological violence incidents related to students, medical staff, patients, and patients' relatives.

Conclusion:  In this study, the prevalence of witnessing and/or experiencing psychological violence against medical students during clinical practice was quite high. Three major causes were students, medical staff, patients, and patients' relatives. 





medical students, workplace violence, clinical practice, psychological violence, emo- tional violence.